Corporate Cupcakes Galore

Busy Busy at the home of Cupcakes and Ribbons with more corporate cupcakes.

They are fantastic for boosting staff morale, clients gifts, at your exhibition stand or for or A.G. M’s.

Here are some of our recent clients and their lovely cakes.


We can tailor these to you needs and deliver to your events.

They provide great exposure and always attract admiring glances….

Get in touch if we can help.



Busy Week!

This week has been very busy with lots of calls from the glossy’s, Essential Mag, GQ, The Pulse…. so something exciting may come of it I am sure.

Chatted to Chef to the  Celebs when in Scotland about making some delicious cupcakes for a very special occasion coming up in Sept more about that later.

We have been very busy here preparing for a show opening at  The Pleasance on Saturday which has received rave reviews, so hoping they will be delighted with their delivery when it arrives.

We also have a vintage tea party 40th on Saturday to prepare for and several GIANT cupcakes to decorate and deliver.

Today we are preparing for a Golden Wedding Anniversary hand cutting all the hearts and drenching them in Gold Sparkle of course!

Happy celebrations everyone wherever you are having them this weekend.


QR code Corporate Cupcakes

We have had a very exciting week here at Cupcakes & Ribbons working on some very funky cupcakes for a number of  Corporate do’s coming up over the next couple of months. What can I say they are all the rage!!

Q.R is short for quick response and basically works like a bar code for websites. You can generate a code for your business, mine is great and will def feature on my next batch of business cards, labels and flyers.

Most recent phones with cameras can scan these codes and are then taken immediately to their website. Obviously fantastic for Corporate Events and launches of new websites/launch parties.

How far technology has come, scanning cakes to launch new businesses, brilliant.

Even better when you can then eat them too!!  The guys at the Media company that we were working with this week loved them.

If you would like to discuss this in any detail we can generate a code for you and can print these off in any colour to fit with your corporate identity.

We are now experts believe me after spending this week researching  this…. in huge detail………….

Will get some on our website this week so you can all see what the fuss is about. See Corporate pages and the Gallery for a peek.

Busy week ahead but piccies soon.


Cheese Wedding Cakes

My friend Lisa just got married and had a fabulous Cheese Tiered Wedding Cake. Different you may think.

If I am not hovering in the cake department, you will find me at the cheese counter.

In France I spend hours looking at different cheeses and eating them as often as I can find an excuse to do so and especially when my hubby isn t looking. So I do lov and know cheese.

These feasts for the eyes are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and events. They are en vogue in London at the moment amongst those in the know!

If you lov Cheese this is the Wedding Cake for you!

Imagine all your fave cheeses stacked in tiers with garlands of purple and green grapes, figs quarters and curled celery sprigs standing on ceremony just like the Bride and Groom. Gorgeous. Delicious and very classy.

If you would like a more fun approach we can also serve with sugar mice, a talking point indeed!!

The cheese comes served on a silver wedding stand just like a traditional cake. We can arrange a tasting of all your favourites cheeses and of course supply an exquisite biscuit selection.

For more information you can get in touch and come for an appointment to discuss sizes and cheese choices.

They standard  from £125 for a small one, £160 medium and £220 large.

Of course it will depend on the cheese you both choose but these are good ball parts to get an idea for costings etc and of course we can supply to your budget and come up with something very special just for you!

Yum. If you think this is something you may be interested in email or call for an appointment and a chat.


Weddings, Cupcakes and Ribbons.

Busy next couple of months with some delicious weddings coming up with some amazing cake combo’s.

Here are but a few……..

Today we delivered a Giant ‘Chocolate Bomb’ Cupcake, gluten free  as the Groom was wheat intolerant.

It looked amazing and tasted amazing! Cut it open to experience a world of surprize, yummy choc ganache served with sparklers  for that stunning effect!

During our consultation sitting in the sun recently we went over the details choosing red velvet whoopie pies again wheat free.

On the menu were also banoffee cupcakes, tangy lemon and cinnamon as well as raspberry ripples made with raspberry centres and raspberry pavlova icing , my all time favourite and definitely to die for!!

The cakes were delivered in beautiful pink and white boxes with our logo labels and flowing ribbons. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

Wedding venue at The Botanics. On Saturday we delivered 150 beautiful wedding cupcakes to The Botanics, what an amazing place to get married so natural and serene, a real memory to cherish.

The bride ordered a fabulous selection of Strawberry Cheese Cake, the epitomy of summer. Raspberry Pavlova’s , Lemon Cream’s, Lime and Chocolate Chilli finishing with Very Berry our best seller for weddings and more formal functions. A truly varied, delicious and all perfect for July.

We took the opprtunity to have a wander about The Botanics ourselves and it was lovely with lots of family fun and activities taking place and not forgetting the fabulous view of Edinburgh landmarks. Disappointed to see the cafe was not stocking cupcakes but have to admit their date slices were to die for!

If you would like more information or indeed to pop in for a consultation for your big day you can contact me via the website details.

Fingers crossed for a lovely August and for everyones celebrations coming up!

fee x