QR code Corporate Cupcakes

We have had a very exciting week here at Cupcakes & Ribbons working on some very funky cupcakes for a number of  Corporate do’s coming up over the next couple of months. What can I say they are all the rage!!

Q.R is short for quick response and basically works like a bar code for websites. You can generate a code for your business, mine is great and will def feature on my next batch of business cards, labels and flyers.

Most recent phones with cameras can scan these codes and are then taken immediately to their website. Obviously fantastic for Corporate Events and launches of new websites/launch parties.

How far technology has come, scanning cakes to launch new businesses, brilliant.

Even better when you can then eat them too!!  The guys at the Media company that we were working with this week loved them.

If you would like to discuss this in any detail we can generate a code for you and can print these off in any colour to fit with your corporate identity.

We are now experts believe me after spending this week researching  this…. in huge detail………….

Will get some on our website this week so you can all see what the fuss is about. See Corporate pages and the Gallery for a peek.

Busy week ahead but piccies soon.


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