Cake Adventures

Spent a great spell en France just back. Had a wonderful time especially times spent in Salons de The and those gazing through cake, chocolatier and patisserie shop windows!

We visited patisseries in Paris, Limoges, Chinon, Saumur and Angers, all gorgous indeed!  My favourite had to be Paris and Saumur.

More about this later. Visted the Cafe in SATC part deux when Carrie does Paris. Oh lala. Stunning and so oldy worldy.

Spent the day visiting wine caves in Saumur and tasting a plenty, boy were they generous. Stephanie was our friendly tour guide and generous tasting sommelier. The names of the caves were Louis De Grenelle and their product was truly delicious and had to bring a fair few back to the UK!!

During the Second World War 4000 people lived below the streets of Saumur in the wine caves trying to protect themselves and their families.  The streets below are all called the same as the ones above, it was a great experience.

For the younger ones they even got to taste their own non alcaholic grape juice which was almost as good as their champers. A really good  day out.

The weather let us down a little but Paris in Les Jardins de Luxemourg and baking heat made up for it. Another amazing day out in Paris for all the family.

We had men and women playing chess, children playing in the water and sand pools. Make sure you take a bucket and spade and sun hat!

Minature boats wizzing up and down in the pond. Swings, pony rides a brilliant day out for all.

more soon fx