Independence Debate – Who’s Write?


Independence Debate

Central Library, Edinburgh, 20 March 2014


Regular visitors to this blog will recall my independence debate weariness of last August, when I attended a similarly themed event at the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Since then, the White Paper “Scotland’s Future” has been published by the Scottish Government, which sets out why it believes the people of Scotland will be better off with independence.  With lots of public events taking place across the whole of the country and there being less than 6 months now to the vote, I thought it was about time I launched myself back into the debate.  I was also interested to see who else would be in attendance.

There was certainly a literary feel about the audience, and I’m sure there were a few authors in attendance.  (I certainly saw Marianne Wheelaghan in attendance).

What appealed to me about this event was that the panel…

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